What's the writer's deal?

Hi! I'm Punklizard. I'm a twine dev and short story writer from Roswell, New Mexico! I'm a Gemini, Queer, Autistic, and a Keter-Class!

In the 1990s, after graduating from Harvard, I started teaching as a substitute teacher in a small town next to the Grand Canyon. After a truamatic event where I watched the child that I pushed fall into the gorge to see if he'd bounce (he didn't), I decided to turn my existential angst into art and began writing! I wrote one book a year until 2001, when all of my work was destroyed by the ghost of the gorge child. Since I'm out of novel ideas, I'm focusing on Twine at the moment!

Nowadays, you can find me in my house with my husband, Fenris Dragon Age 2, and my wife, Sephiroth, writing in my PJs in my room. I started this website as a way to catalogue my writing in a way that's more Fun and Interesting. Also, I hate twitter.

Right now, my main focus is on creating horror, particularly in the Vampire: The Masquerade Setting. My current goal is to get Jerma to play my games so I can have something to say to girls at bars.

Have a nice stay!